Teaching salespeople how to scale revenue growth through branding and content

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The masterminds behind brands like Grant Cardone, Mel Robbins and many others, have coached and built thousands into industry stars across every category of business. The same skills that have created influencer success need to be used by employees on behalf of their companies.

 People buy from those they know and trust, and the magic of social media is that you can create a relationship with your audience through branding and content. Successful sales folks understand how to create their own tribe around how they view the world, and that tribe will be the most loyal of customers.

Our training approach educates your team on how to effectively identify and broaden their personal brand, and create compelling content that includes both personal and business interests. As their brand awareness develops, your sales folks will be able to monetize that awareness into big sales growth.

In order to generate massive growth in sales and in lead generation, there is only one solution.

Our process  is based on four pillars of marketing:
Branding, Marketing & Selling Strategy, Content Creation, and Social Media  -
a system we've developed to help the busy yet motivated people achieve the income and revenue that was once just a dream.

We combine your company brand with your employee’s personal brands with strategic marketing advice and a systematic process to bring a personalized touch to your organizational efforts to reach new revenue goals.

The Media and Monetization Training program Will Give Your Team The Tools To…

  • Create a brand unique to YOU and use your own authority to become an influencer and eventually a thought leader.
  • Build an audience through content, social media and email.
  • Learn how to best represent your company but through your lens to create your own personal tribe.
  • Learn how to use your growing influence to generate leads, and build a machine to drive incoming prospects.
  • Become a content creator and get comfortable creating great videos & sharing your opinions and ideas.
  • Create your content calendar, make videos and even learn how to boost and use digital ads.
  • And much, much more….
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You ARE The Expert

Now it is your turn to share your individual point of view and become a leading industry expert.

You can learn how to build a powerhouse brand on your own so you can attract more customers through authenticity, get more sales, and build a tribe of loyal clients.

We start by asking critical foundational questions, Where are you active? Where are your passions? Can people find you online? How do you communicate with your contacts? How do new customers and clients find you? And where does this align within the company umbrella.

Taking your history, communication styles, and connections, we begin create language that will position you as the solution for your prospective clients right before your clients, speaking to them with a clearly defined voice. 

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This monthly coaching program includes:

Weekly coaching with the founders of 2 Market Media, as well as its world class team of experts in every area


Weekly Q&A following the coaching to get one on one feedback

Tracking and measurement tools to guide your growth on social media, email and ads

All content archived for later viewing and review

Free Access to 2MM Star Power video coaching program: How To Build A Brand That Stands Out – retail value of $297 (only available to those that prepay for one year)


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