Star Power Bootcamp

“In order to blow up your business today, you have to have Star Power.”

– Hank

It's time for you to get famous.

Don’t do it for the old, stale reasons. Get famous because when you have an audience – you have opportunity. The good news is that the world has changed. Fame is no longer a title that’s given. It’s a skill that’s learned.

You saw the 10X speech. You took the course. You know what’s required:

Be honest, Out loud. All the time.

That’s what the Star Power Bootcamp is about.

This program is based on signature techniques Hank developed while working with some of the biggest names and brands in entertainment:

  • ABC
  • Steve Harvey
  • Barbara Walters
  • Grant Cardone
  • Oxygen
  • The View
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro
  • Tony Danza
  • Meredith Vieira
  • Star Jones

Hank designed it specifically for this crowd:
You have something to offer, something to say. And you’ll stop at nothing to be heard.



10-Week Program

What’s Included?

Direct. One-on-one sessions. With Hank.

(2) 45-minute private coaching sessions with Hank so you can create momentum around any product, event, or issue. This is Hank at his best and people pay thousands for his feedback.

(1) One-hour private sessions with an elite media coach so you have the skills to book appearances on big media outlets: Fox, ABC, Bloomberg

2 Market Media coaches have worked with some of the top TV and radio personalities in the country. These sessions will teach you how to create and nurture real connections with your audience – because that’s the only way to really stand out in a sea of competition.

Listen. Ask Hank questions. Learn from each other.

(Weekly) Group coaching with Hank and other bootcampers.

This will be your Star Power classroom. Hank leads each session and teaches the fundamentals of the Star Power methodology.

When You Master Star Power you’ll find yourself with the ability to:
•    Create momentum around any product, event, or issue
•    Speak to audiences all over the world – and make a real impact
•    Get paid for your expertise – and opinions
•    Book appearances on big media outlets: Fox, ABC, Bloomberg
•    Call up your own corporate jet for…whatever you want.

The Key Deliverables of
Star Power Bootcamp

During this bootcamp, you get:

  1. (2) One-on-one coaching sessions with Hank
  2. (1) Private coaching session with 2 Market Media’s head media trainer
  3. (Weekly) Group coaching sessions with Hank
  4. A mission statement that you can use forever to grow your business.
  5. Feedback on (3) videos a week with steps on how to improve this skill.
  6. A story of origin video directed by Hank to build an audience.
  7. Media and production training so you’re ready to host your own podcast!


Star Power is a 10 week Bootcamp kicking off Wednesday, May 3rd.
Graduation is July 12th.

All group sessions will be live and we will provide schedule upon enrollment. Recordings of every class will also be available on-demand.


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You will MASTER these 6 critical lessons to create insane momentum for your business and brand

1. Mission Statement

Hank jumpstarts the Star Power Bootcamp with one of the foundational steps. You must establish your mission statement and story of origin to stand out. Too many entrepreneurs miss this step and never create the fame or success they want. Hank is gonna make sure you get it right.  

You will nail your mission and have an understanding of how your mission supports your business growth.  Miss this and you will never succeed.

2. Getting Attention

Learn how to really connect and grow a following. You will understand how to grab the attention of your customers, media, and players in the game. You will know the three key stories you must tell and how to tell them.

This lesson will forever change how you think about creating fame.  Stats show that if you have a video on your website your customers stays on your site over 60% longer than those who don’t.  Video is the future of entrepreneurship.  You’re going to get out there and get noticed more than your competitors.  

3. Daily Fame Habits

This is where Hank will really push you. You know your mission. You’re doing videos. Now, you’ll use both to make money.  Hank drills these everyday efforts into your head so you get it right.  You will learn 5 daily habits that change the game for your business.

You will have everything you need to grow your audience - this means cash money, ravings fans, and media opportunities all headed your way.  This is the absolute best way to get your business noticed and you will have it in the bag.

4. Confidence Is A Muscle

Hank’s going to force you to get real.  You will be getting feedback on your videos and understanding exactly what you need to do to turn them from just another video to ass kicking customer magnets.  

Confidence is power. You will see how honest, real connections will create a massive shift in your business and life.  You’re getting feedback from the man who is responsible for some of the best TV of our time.  Do you know what that’s worth?

5. Common Mistakes

This is where you get prepped are ready to self evaluate so that you’re able to do this for years to come.  As much as you’re going to LOVE working with Hank, you will have all the tools you need to take the Star Power Process and apply for the rest of your business life. That’s worth millions and will make you money for years to come.

Once you’re aware of the landmines that limit your fame potential, you can sidestep them and continue to accelerate your growth.  This is what separates businesses that plateau from those that blow up. This lesson will make sure YOU get it right!

6. Plan of Action

You need a plan. Hank will work with you to design a Star Power Plan to ensure you know how to continue getting more attention, more fame, more customers.

By The End Of Week Ten


Imagine in 10 short weeks having the skills to,

  • Increase your Twitter followers by thousands
  • Book for your first radio gig
  • Have press opportunities rolling in
  • Customers excited to pay for your services
  • Make money in your sleep
  • Create the fame you've been dreaming about

Fame means: Your business makes money. Your voice makes a difference. And you get to live the life you want.

You have a choice. Wait for someone to lift you up. Or learn how to build your own stage.

The Star Power Bootcamp is now open for enrollment.

Due to Hank’s busy schedule we can only accept 25 businesses ready to get famous.

The investment is $2,985 - for the 10-week Star Power program.

It’s time to stand up and get noticed so that you can make an impact and your business can make serious money.

Get one of the limited seats for the Star Power Bootcamp NOW

Time To Get Famous